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I know they aren't too much but I have a long way to go

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About me

I'm Behnam simjoo (BSimjoo), a Computer science student from Iran.

I spent so many years with computer and now I'm a full-stack developer. I also love electronic and my favorite sport is bike cycling. you can find me on Instagram and Telegram.

How I started developing

I started programing when I was 10. In that time, I didn't know anyone to guide me. I didn't know any programing language and I didn't know even they exists! I didn't have any idea about How can I create a computer program but I wanted to do that!

This was happening at the time of the dial-up Internet. when I was so yong and accessing to internet was so difficult for me! In my town, there were not any computer programing book for beginners in book stores. Accidental I found an application called as "Robo Task" that does some automated computer works, like check email, show messages and etc. It didn't need coding and involved me with algorithm and thinking like a developer

After one year I became more serious about programing and I found an AVR programing book with Bascom. Although it was for AVR but it was my first programing language that I saw! briefly when I was 14 I learned Visual in school and after a short time I started and I did programing with C# about 6 years.

Now I code with Python, C#, Java and web designing. Now that I look my past it was a difficult way!